Who We Are

Globi-Corp is a full service good manufacturing practices and regulatory consultancy,
headquartered in Germany and with a presence in six countries,
that aims to be and remain a result oriented, team of knowledgeable people
who design effective solutions for organizations across the healthcare industry.

We help you make the world better, through better healthcare.

Why Choose Us

Our clients choose us for who we are and the work we do.
Our expertise, experience, process and values set us apart from the competition,
and make us the superior choice, when it comes to the services we provide.

We help you make the world better, through better healthcare.

Our Core Value

 “When you find your passion, it’s great. You go up a mountain with partners,
and you have a wonderful opportunity to connect and achieve a goal together.
You are not trying to be better than other humans. You are supporting each other.”

– Conrad Anker        

We’ve nurtured Globi-Corp with values,
which we believe, contribute not just to great client servicing,
but also which give back to the world, through our clients’ products.


We believe in delivering the best quality service in the industry to each and every client, which is why we don’t bite of more than we could chew, even at the cost of possibility of loosing quick bucks.


We believe that effective organizations are motivated by people and not by profit. This is why, we take the time to understand what motivates the people we work with, so we can function better as a team and deliver the best results to our clients.


We believe in empowering small organizations with the ability to sell across the world. This approach takes care of local economies and underdeveloped markets, as well as the people that run them, and in the process allows us to touch the lives of many through our clients’ products.


We believe that every human being deserves the best in healthcare, which is why we approach our work with the highest diligence and degree of care to complement the invaluable work of medical professionals and manufacturers around the globe.

Our Team

Juergen Malinka (Based in Germany)

Juergen is the Managing Director at Globi-Corp GmbH who has served more than 35 years in the healthcare sector.

Having dealt with a broad spectrum of clients over the years, he draws on his experience and expertise to solve problems and tell stories that keep his workforce inspired.

Sven Malinka (Based in Germany)

Sven is the Chief Executive Officer at Globi-Corp GmbH having more than 10 years experience in food and Medical device industry.

He believes that there is nothing a rightly motivated team cannot do and he constantly is on the lookout to inspire his colleagues, leading by example.

Shail Vora (Based in India)

Shail is an expert in the field of Regulatory Affairs with more than 16 years of experience in the healthcare sector. 

She approaches all her tasks with clear cut ideas which are complemented by the ability to think on her feet.

Sanjay Kapadiya (Based in India)

Sanjay is an experienced Regulatory Affairs professional with more than 14 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

He believes that the only way to face any challenge is head on, and through a constant evolution of his personal skill sets.

Mukesh Patel (Based in US/CANADA)

Mukesh is a veteran of several different industries including textiles, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and technology.

His goal is to keep whatever hair is left on his head, while working to see the world made better through his efforts and actions.

Our Assosiate Partners

In China : Mr. Bob Chen Chong

In Australia : Dr. Shaheen Sultana

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